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Ariani Academy is where we take our years of experience, knowledge and expertise and teach you all about health and wellness using our holistic health training solutions. Our programs aim to improve your life by addressing specific harmful habits and helping you make the best decisions about YOUR health and wellbeing. 

Our step-by-step approach informs while encouraging you to grow and develop as a healthy, happy human being! The courses are designed to suit you. Whether you prefer a short and sweet online approach or an in-depth 12-week learning experience, you will find it at Ariani Academy. 

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3-Hour Online Mini-Courses

Research shows that the heart has a far-reaching effect on our health and happiness. This course will explain the research, symptoms of heart disease and necessary screening tests to assess risk factors. Then it will take you through epigenetic restructuring and many practical, simple tools and techniques for heart health. It also teaches you about micronutrients, herbal remedies and food choices for heart health.

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This course will teach you an holistic (mind, body & soul) approach to managing your stress, teaching you the effect that stress has on our mind-body-soul unit and how you can manage your stress to improve wellness. Ariani developed their Practical, Quick, Easy & Holistic Stress Solutions Toolkit (incl. our Top 10  STRESS LESS Tips) to help you cope with your stress, daily. 

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This course deals with the holistic factors to assist with long term fat loss and maintenance of a healthy body weight. There is much confusion and an overload of information in the weight loss industry. This course explains the holistic approach to weight loss (or rather fat loss) while following a scientific-based approach, including mindfulness practices for long term results. 

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This course is aimed at teaching the holistic, integrative approach to manage the renegade inflammation that is the root cause of all chronic lifestyle diseases. The word ‘Inflammation’ comes from the Latin word ‘inflamatio’, which means to inflame, to set on fire.  Chronic inflammation is the fuel that flames the fire of today’s chronic degenerative diseases, (in wellness terminology, rather called health challenges). 

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Imagine. . . feeling transformed, courageous, resilient, empowered and in complete clarity, calm and centeredness. Amidst all the wild things happening in the world we all need a new perspective, something to shake us up a little and remember how amazing and strong we truly are! This course explores ways to support both ourselves, our nearest and dearest, as well as our clients/patients.

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Your mind can be your greatest ally or worst enemy. Is your mind working for you or against you?  By changing your mind, you can change your life and improve longevity! This is easier said than done! In this course we provide you with the practical and easy tools you can incorporate into your daily life to improve your brain and mental health. Research shows that neuroplasticity occurs at ANY AGE. Therefore, you are never too old or too young to improve your neuro health.

We will also provide info on holistic health tips, foods, herbs and more for neuroplasticity, longevity, brain and mind health. Including research-based protocols to lower your risk for dementia, Alzheimer’s and other mental health. 

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Neuroplasticity is all about the incredible ability of our brains to adapt to situations, being malleable like clay. Come learn about practical ways to enhance your own, your family and clients’/patients’ neuroplastic abilities. This course will provide some answers, relevant information based on new science, tools and techniques.

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All online training options are suitable for health practitioners, the general public and employees (for Workplace Wellness). CPD Accreditation on selected courses available.

4-12 Week Online Courses

This plan will help you get back on track (on your health journey) in the comfort of your own home. It includes a balanced eating plan, weekly meal plans with grocery lists, home workouts, an exercise library and easy FitFood recipes for 1 Month (4 weeks). This can be purchased for 3 consecutive months for new content monthly (3 Month Option).

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Ways2Wellness is our Balanced Holistic Health Coaching Program consisting of 8 modules. 

In this 12-16 week journey you will explore every corner of your mind, body and soul; to find the best health & wellness solution(s) for you! 

We combine practical health with play and fun, to bring you an ultimate joyful learning experience. This will allow you to easily incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, to encourage real results and long term health and happiness!

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Workplace Wellness

30 hours in total (online), divided into sessions to accommodate workplace schedules

This Course is a 5-day attendance course: 2 days for Module 1 and 3 days for Module 2 with practical work assignments added in between sessions.

Do you want to help others on their health improvement journey? Do you believe your purpose in life is to spread positivity and decrease negativity in those around you? Are you interested in holistic, healthy living, and do you want to know how to professionally advise loved ones and clients? 

Our Wellness Educator Training programs encourage an integrated approach to address all chronic lifestyle diseases, skills development, and social responsibility for wellness in the workplace, the family, the community and ultimately, the country.

Learn to become a wellness educator trainer who can impart knowledge and practical information and encourage, support, and promote healthy living to create a ripple effect throughout the workforce, families, and communities. 

Also, refer ‘3 Hour Online Mini Courses’ & ‘4-12 Week Online Courses’ for ideas on specific health topics

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TRANSFORM is our monthly membership offer. You receive our support, guidance and motivation on your holistic health journey, at a fraction of the price. Invest in your health and TRANSFORM on Body, Mind and Soul Level for a healthier, happier you!

Our TRANSFORM Membership consist of monthly holistic health resources to help you stay on track, including: 

  • Low Carb, Healthy FitFoodSMART Recipes (worth R200)
  • Holistic Health eBooklets / eGuide – on a variety of health topics (worth R500)
  • LIVE Holistic Health Zoom Sessions: (minimum 30 minutes, incl. Q&A) on different Holistic Health Topics (worth R2000)
  • Articles and Health Resources: on different health topics (worth R500)
  • Discounts on products and online events (PRICELESS!)
  • Private, Exclusive Facebook Community: a safe space to share your questions, to learn more about your health and happiness, as well as be among like-minded people with the same goal – showing you, YOU are not alone (PRICELESS!)

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