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FitSMART Guide - Fit in 15 minutes from home!

Designed for fat loss and muscle toning with effective workouts of only 15 minutes each, in the comfort of your own home.


Why try FitSMART?

  • No equipment needed with beginner, intermediate and advanced options
  • Up to 36 weeks of workouts if you start at beginner level
  • All workouts are fun and vary from day to day

You will receive:

  • Up to 36 weeks of workouts if you start at beginner level
  • Measurements monitoring – taken to determine progress
  • Training plan with an exercise library to ensure proper form, technique, breathing and execution of exercise moves
  • Daily exercise challenges (optional)
  • Daily checkpoints – on your planner

Mindful Lifestyle Plan

We created our all-new online Mindful Lifestyle Plan to help you get back on track (on your health/fat loss journey) and in the comfort of your own home. Lose the fat now, before it becomes a fixture! The course includes an eating plan, weekly meal plans with grocery lists, home workouts, exercise library and FitFood recipes. Everything for 30 days to a healthier you! 


If you need additional support and motivation, join Anri’s individual online exercise classes (30-45 minutes). Each session consists of a:

  1. Warm-up

Prepares the body physically and psychologically for exercise. The warm-up increases the body temperature to prepare the body for exercise; it improves the elasticity of the muscle while preventing stiffness and injuries. Psychologically a warm-up is a good motivator for exercise.

  1. Workout

Before the workout begins a highly qualified trainer will introduce all the exercises and emphasise proper form and technique. Common mistakes will also be highlighted to help you perform the exercises correctly.

  1. Cooldown

Helps the body to return to its state of equilibrium. Blood flow to the heart, brain and intestines returns to normal, allowing for steady-state oxygen levels once more. The cool-down also prevents injuries

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