Take Control of Workplace Stress and Enjoy a More Productive Workforce

Not only does wellness coaching and training teach people to eat better, feel and move better, think better, and learn to practice deep relaxation and deep healing, but ultimately it teaches new ways of thinking, brain re-patterning and re-programming, reducing workplace stress. It will also reduce the need for costly, chronic use of medications, while reducing side effects and controlling long term expenditure.

But, don’t believe us at face value, here are the statistics (Click here for more info)

After those not so sobering facts, it is good to know that all this is very controllable.

While we cannot control what we inherit from our ancestors, we can control how we think and feel.  We can learn how to change our lifestyle and behaviour, what we eat, how we move or exercise, how we manage our stress, thereby allowing our bodies to eventually respond to the changed behaviour and brain repatterning, rather than the genetic code in our inherited DNA.

And, as we spend more than a third of our life at work, it makes sense to focus on employee wellbeing.

How we help at Ariani Health with Workplace Stress

We’ve been involved in Workplace Wellness for more than 20 years. Dr Arien and Anri can provide online support for your workplace wellness interventions and programs, in the form of practical online workshops, webinars and e-courses. You can rest assured that your employees are in good hands.

The importance of employee wellbeing starts in the workplace and that is why we advocate the learning and understanding of managing and preventing health challenges (diseases) as this will benefit both the employees and the employer.

Would you prefer a calmer, more peaceful life, managing the daily stress triggers with equanimity, as a human being (vs a human doing!) from the still centre of a quiet mind? Practical stress management techniques and wellness principles for the workplace and the home will teach you how. 

Are you working under pressure, deadlines looming, too much to do? Then now is the right time to learn about and practice stress management! Accumulated stress in your early 20’s to 30’s plays a pivotal role in health problems rearing their ugly heads in your 40’s and 50’s! Start now. Invest in your present and future health. You will notice a difference within a few weeks.

Personal and Workplace Stress Solutions

Workplace Stress and Personal Stress Affect Us All!

Stress (distress) is a constant modern-day challenge to our health & happiness. It can however be effectively managed through specific tools and techniques. Books, relaxation CDs and courses on the topic are offered by Ariani Health Solutions.

Let’s acknowledge it: we’re living in a stressful environment that deeply affects ourselves, our community, and of course, our children. When asked whether she’d support a rally against war, Mother Theresa answered: ‘No, but if you have a peace rally, I’ll be there!’. We focus all our attention on what we don’t want: stop crime, no crime, no violence, no poverty, fight crime, poverty, etc. When considering the law of attraction, this mindset tends to create more of the same, as well as a tremendous amount of fear and stress inside ourselves and our children. What if we change our thoughts to: I want peace, calm and safety; I want to be surrounded by love, joy and gratitude; I find solutions; I observe what’s going on in my relationship with co-workers, and so on?

Workplace stress is harmful to your health and so is personal distress. Not only does it double your risk for dying of a heart attack, but long term unrelenting stress can also be the cause or exacerbating factor in almost any of our modern-day chronic diseases or ailments: from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, infections ranging from colds and flu, covid to HIV/AIDS, cancer, skin problems, premenstrual tension, endometriosis, severe menopause, back problems, obesity and overweight, to chronic fatigue, digestive system problems and lung disease.

Stress management is of the utmost importance to maintain health and wellbeing and restore a sense of serenity and peace while maintaining creative, productive, high profile lifestyles.

Results of a study published in the British Medical Journal show that work stress is associated with double the risk of death from heart disease. In promoting cardiovascular health, the traditional advice has always been for people to stop smoking, cut down on drinking, eat less fat, and get moving through physical activity. These latest findings suggest that attention should also be paid to the prevention, mastering or management of workplace stress!

Come Learn to Master and Manage Your Stress & Maximise Energy! We have a few options to choose from to get you on your way to a stress-less life!

Relax at will and live life joyfully!

Our Stress Solutions Bundle

Dr Arien’s book (hard copy & eBook) ‘Stress Solutions’ and relaxation audios ‘Relax & Unwind’ (MP3 Tracks) for Body-Mind Resonance.

Our Holistic Stress Solutions 3-Hour Training (Online)

For Online Personal or Workplace Stress and Wellness Training (on any health topic), please contact us


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