TRANSFORM Membership

Our TRANSFORM Membership consist of monthly holistic health resources to help you stay on track, including the below and more every month!

You receive our support, guidance and motivation on your holistic health journey, at a fraction of the price!

Invest in your health and TRANSFORM on Body, Mind and Soul Level for a healthier, happier you!

Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to be A Punishment! Let Us Show You How.

Your Transform Membership Includes The Following Every Month:

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  • Low Carb, Healthy FitFoodSMART Recipes (worth R200).
  • Holistic Health eBooklet / eGuide / Articles: on a variety of health topics (worth R500)
  • LIVE Holistic Health Q&A Zoom Sessions: (we answer your questions) on different Holistic Health Topics (worth R2000).
  • Holistic Health Resources: videos, relaxation / visualisation audios as practical tools (worth R500)
  • Discounts on online offerings and events (PRICELESS!)
  • Your Holistic Health Practitioners (Dr Arien – holistic medical doctor and Anri – holistic health counsellor) in your pocket at a fraction of the price! (PRICELESS!)

  • PLUS, as a member, you will receive access to our Private, Exclusive Facebook Community: a safe space to share your questions, to learn more about your health and happiness, as well as be among like-minded people with the same goal – showing you, YOU are not alone (PRICELESS!).

    Please note: You do not need social media for this membership, as all content will be available on the membership portal.

*You can cancel at any time, by giving 1 month’s notice.


Theme 1: Intuitive Health (ALL Content Available Now)

Theme 2: Brainplasticity/Neuroplasticity (ALL Content Available Now)

Theme 3: Holistic Gut Health (ALL Content Available Now)

Theme 4: Heart Health (ALL Content Available Now)

Theme 5: Making Sense of Supplements (ALL Content Available Now)

Theme 6: Holistic Detox – Spring Clean Yourself (ALL Content Available Now) 

Theme 7: Holistic Mental Health 

Theme 8: Holistic Stress Solutions

Theme 9: Holiday Health

Theme 10: Holistic Weight Loss 

Now ONLY $ 59 (+/- R1000)/Month