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TRANSORM is our monthly membership offer. You receive our support, guidance and motivation on your holistic health journey, at a fraction of the price. Invest in your health and TRANSFORM on Body, Mind and Soul Level for a healthier, happier you! Our TRANSFORM Membership consist of monthly holistic health resources to help you stay on track, including the below and more every month!
  • Low Carb, Healthy FitFoodSMART Recipes (worth R200).
  • Holistic Health eBooklets / eGuide – on a variety of health topics (worth R500)
  • LIVE Holistic Health Zoom Sessions: (minimum 30 minutes, incl. Q&A) on different Holistic Health Topics (worth R2000).
  • Additional articles and Health Resources: on different health topics (worth R500)
  • Discounts on products and online events (PRICELESS!)
  • Private, Exclusive Facebook Community: a safe space to share your questions, to learn more about your health and happiness, as well as be among like-minded people with the same goal – showing you, YOU are not alone (PRICELESS)
*You can cancel at any time, by giving 1 month's notice. Please fill out the registration before even if you have brought from us before.

The price for membership is $55.00 every 28 Days.

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