TRANSFORM Webinar 5: Making Sense of Supplements Part 3 (Fat Loss Supplements)

We’ve reached the finish line of our Making Sense of Supplements Online Series.

Thank you so much to those who joined yesterday’s session, we hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.

Weight loss supplements can be confusing and misleading. In this session Anri discussed:

  • An overview of Holistic Weight Loss
  • The misconception between Weight loss vs Fat loss (incl. IF)
  • What is the difference between ‘Diets’ and ‘Eating Plans’
  • Why diets don’t work Health challenges related to overweight and obesity
  • Herbal remedies and micronutrients to support fat loss  
  • And much more

We had some great questions at the end.

GRATITUDE ATTITUDE: From Team Ariani we want to thank you all for allowing us to educate you and share our passion. We are grateful to be able to share our life purpose with you.