Ways2Wellness D-I-Y Online Program- Module 8 (Sleep, Rest & Recovery)


It’s all about living a balanced life. From work-life balance to mind-body-soul balance

Sleep, Rest and Relaxation really does solve and improve everything!

Don’t snooze, if you are ready to learn more and want to improve your sleep holistically, then this is the D-I-Y program YOU!


You will also receive powerful guided relaxations and visualisations in this program, to support you on your way to wellness.

These downloadable audios will teach you how to calm your mind, body and soul. You will have lifetime access to them and you can use it as often as needed.

What to Expect in Masterclass/Module 8:

  • Relaxation techniques before bed.
  • How your mental and emotional state can disturb your ability to sleep peacefully.
  • How sleep can strengthen your memory.
  • How much sleep is enough to support your health goal(s).
  • How to create a sleep and pre-sleep routine for soulful sleep.


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