Holistic Detox

Written by Anri van Rooyen


Our most important home is our body, and sometimes that home needs a break to restore itself.

A holistic detox involve cleansing, clearing and decluttering, not only on a physical or body level, but more importantly on a mental, emotional and environmental level. Therefore, a holistic detox acknowledges our multi-faceted nature and asks that we not only take a step back from foods that may be overwhelming our system, but also thought patterns, emotional outbursts, environmental situations and lifestyle factors.

Some signs that you may need a detox include lack of focus, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, depression, low energy, fatigue, unexplained headaches or joint pain, skin related problems, sexual dysfunction, gut related issues, lack of sleep/insomnia.

If you would like some practical tools, tips and techniques to detox holistically, please read below. The tips are easy to remember, they spell DECLUTTER (refer tip 1-9).


It’s about changing your mindset and clearing out physical toxins from our body, old-dated thought patterns and belief systems, while appropriately expressing and allowing emotions without attachment.

When we do this, we create space, support and more energy to make way for healthier and happier habits. 


1.D = Ditch the Devices

A detox from devices (or technology) can do your mind wonders. In fact, the constant messages, notifications and calls can release adrenalin (short term) and cortisol (long term stress hormone) in the long run, by keeping our brains on “high alert” and increasing feelings of distraction. 

Tip: turn off your notifications and only check your phone at specific scheduled times during your day. This will reduce unwanted distractions. You can even try a total digital detox over the weekends.

2. E = Express Emotions

(from Dr Arien’s Article: Emotions and Epigenetics, click here to read it)

Our Cells Feel Like We Do! Gratitude, or appreciation, deep breathing,  lead to a slower, more coherent heart rate (parasympathetic – relax, digest, unwind – system). We can choose in any moment to run the gratitude frequency circuitry inside our minds, to have a positive effect throughout the body and every single one of our cells, as well.

Emotions like bitterness, unresolved anger, resentment, fear and worry constantly trigger your stress response. These then become buried in ever deepening layers inside the cell memories. The layers become the physical footprints of your dream body, psyche or soul, manifesting in unhappiness, mood swings, and eventually, physical illness or chronic health problems. 

The whole range of human emotions are valid and worthy of your complete attention. Become aware of your emotions, welcome them, maybe feel them somewhere in your body, then choose to let the ones that don’t serve your health and wellness any longer, go – it can be as simple as that! It starts with becoming aware of how you’re feeling in this present moment, right now.

Tip: Position where you are (on the image above), by ticking the applicable number on the EPS scale. It is ideal to do this once a day, soon after you wake up. Then set your intention on a higher bar, just 1 or 2 steps up. Then ask yourself: what can I do to feel better, to focus, breathe deeply, align; connect with nature in this moment, sleep awhile, take a short power nap or a hot bath with essential oils, listen to soothing music, draw a stick figure or 2, colour in a mandala. Ask yourself: what brings me joy? Do more of that!

3. C = Clear Your Thoughts

Our thoughts lead to how we feel, that create our behaviours and ultimately our lives.

What you spend your time thinking about, becomes the facts of your life. That’s why positive affirmations/afformations actually work, provided you really believe and feel them deep inside yourself (otherwise they’re just like Smartie coating only covering the surface, and not very effective – aka toxic positivity).

Repeating simple, positive, powerful statements to yourself, changes the frequency of the vibrations around your own peptides, allowing cells to function better, your mind to find solutions to reach your goals, and your whole body-mind system to function optimally.

Changing your habitual thought patterns to one of positivity and love, to remove energy blockages, will allow the electrons around the nucleus of your peptides to send positive, feel-good vibrations of waves and particles throughout your body-mind being. These vibrations bind to your cell receptors and allow the message to go right into your 3% physical and 97% potential DNA, the genetic source of your being.

Tip: Create your own affirmations or afformations.

Some examples of affirmations include (you can also try afformations, they worked better for me. Simply change the affirmation to a question starting with Why?):

  • ‘I am calm in my body, in my mind and in my emotions’ (e.g. of affirmation: ‘Why am I calm in my body, in my mind and in my emotions?’)
  • ‘I succeed’ (‘Why do I succeed?’ or ‘Why am I successful?’)
  • ‘My body is healing every day’ (‘Why is my body healing every day?’)
  • ‘I feel calmness flowing through me’ (‘Why do I feel calmness flowing through me?’)
  • ‘I love, accept and approve of myself just as I am’ (‘Why do I love, accept and approve of myself just as I am?’)
  • ‘I live my truth’ (‘Why do I live my truth?’)
  • ‘let go let God’ (‘Why do I let go, let God’)

The sky is the limit! Find one(s) that feels good and right for you!

4. L = Learn to Relax (Meditation and Mindfulness)

Relaxation or meditation practices are effective tool to calm body and mind. It allows us to clear away the information overload that builds up and contributes to our stress. Having a regular practice will also detox your mind from negative thoughts over time.

‘Mindfulness is becoming in tune with your internal world and starting to listen to your body and its needs again. Mindfulness becomes a state of mind and being. Bring mindfulness into your daily life to improve your quality of life, mental- , emotional- and physical wellbeing.

I am gifting you with my ‘Top 5 Mindful Movement & Munchies Tips’, that you can start incorporating into your life immediately, for a more fulfilled life. In this eGuide, I focus on mindfulness applied to physical wellness. It is important to note that I am merely focussing on physical wellness for explanation purposes, but remember it does influence and affect the other dimensions as well.

Click here for my Mindful Movement & Munchies eGuide.

5. U = U Need To Get GroUnded  

Getting a time out in nature has the power to quiet the mind, create creativity, improve your energy, help you destress, improve concentration and allow for more inspiration.

“Meta-analyses of multi-disciplinary research studies have clearly shown the evidenced based conclusions of the multiple health benefits of daily earthing (grounding) practice for healing mind, body and soul and restoring balance, homeostasis and integration in the whole system of living on Earth for all living beings.”Click here to read Dr Arien’s article on Earthing/Grounding and Your Health. 


On a physical level there are also many foods, micronutrients, herbs, movements and more to detox our organ systems; especially our liver, skin and kidneys. A physical reboot if you will. However, it does not have to be a punishment! This is my motto and mission – to teach you how to make it practical, fun, delicious and nourishing! 

The purpose of a holistic detox is to release toxins from the entire body by turning these toxins into waste products to be eliminated by the body, therefore enhancing the body’s detoxification pathways. Toxins found in the body may include pesticides, air pollutants, heavy metals, alcohol, drugs (recreational and prescription).

A build-up of toxins may cause or worsen health challenges and diseases incl. skin issues (rashes, acne, eczema), low energy, fatigue, headaches, muscle aches/stiffness, joint pains, anxiety (and other mental diseases, mood swings), gut issues, weight gain, high blood pressure etc.

6. T = Think Green (Plants & Herbs)

Eliminate wheat, gluten, sugar, alcohol, coffee + processed foods and reduce your intake of animal-based products like dairy and meat protein.

Replace with wholefood fruits and vegetables that are in Season, leafy greens, plant-based proteins like nuts, seeds and legumes.

Tip: Add green goodness to your food. The chlorophyll in green veggies and fruits support the functioning of the liver. We also recommend that you eat the rainbow to ensure you get in enough micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). The recommended portions are 5 to 9 of organic fruits and vegetables (mostly raw or lightly cooked, not boiled). If you struggle with the portions we recommend a good quality Antioxidant Supplement. Click here to view the ingredients of our Heart Brain Body Support & Antioxidant.

Spring foods (in South Africa) consist of:

Spring Vegetables: asparagus, artichokes, baby marrow, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, garlic, green beans, leaks, mushrooms, peas, spinach, spring onion. The chlorophyll in greens help cleanse the liver and support our bodies natural ability to detox. 

Spring Fruit: avocado, apricots, blackberries, bananas, Cape gooseberry, cherries, grapefruit, guava, kiwi, lemons, limes, melons, oranges, spanspek, strawberries. Click here for more or if it is a different season.

Detox Herbs & Micronutrients

The following herbs help rejuvenate liver cells damaged by toxins and alcohol. It is commonly used to help with liver detoxification and liver support:

  • Milk thistle extract
  • Kudzu extract
  • N-acetyl L-cysteine
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Dandelion extract
  • Green tea extract

Click here to view our Liver Support Supplement and main benefits.

7. T = Test The Water

Stay hydrated! Every cell in your body depends on it. For every 10kg of bodyweight, 250ml liquids should be taken daily. Choose from the following: Water, Rooibos, any Herbal Tea. Normal Tea and Coffee use water when metabolised in the body.

8. E = Exercises For Detox

When you are detoxing your body, it is working hard on releasing toxins during the detox period, so swop your intense sweat sessions with gentle exercises incl. yoga, Pilates, walking, swimming etc.

Tip: incorporate 20-30 minutes every day to flush out toxins. You can also hit the sauna to work up a sweat and remove toxins.

9. R = Reduce Toxins & Rest

Look at the products you use for cleaning the house and in your beauty regime. Our skins absorb these products that then travel to the liver to be detoxified.

Many common skincare products, cleaning products and make up are full of chemicals that contribute to the body’s toxic load. Read your labels and opt for natural/organic alternatives to lighten the load on your liver.

Rest and sleep is crucial for your body to detox effectively. During sleep your body releases melatonin (aka the recovery hormone) that resets, re-energises, renews and rejuvenates your entire body! Your pre-sleep routine is also important, not just the duration (ideally 7-9 hours). Click here for my Masterclass and Module on Sleep, Rest & Recovery.


Decluttering your outer environment, incl. physical space and on a social level is also crucial for your health. It has a positive effect on your mental and emotional health too. 



When your environment is cluttered, your life tends to feel cluttered too! It can also take up time in your thoughts and emotions, leading to feelings of distraction, stress, overwhelm or even anxiety. So spring clean your house, office, car, desk or all of them.

Tip: Start with one drawer or one room at a time and plan it out! Divide the areas between days or a couple of weekends and have a dedicated time for it, to avoid overwhelm of trying to do it all at once.

We are all unique! Therefore, choose your favourite tips I shared above and incorporate it into your daily life. Remember nothing will change without consistency.

My advice is to choose your top 3 from the tips shared and work out an action plan for yourself. Set reminders on your phone or use sticky notes to remind you.

Firstly, decide for how long you would like to commit, anything from 10 to 30 days. Then create your action plan (go into detail of how you will incorporate the tips). Knowledge means nothing without action!


  • Ways2Wellness Online Program. Click here to view.
  • Dr Arien’s book: Health & Happiness. Click here to view.
  • Dr Arien’s book: Stress Solutions. Click here to view